It's Not About Us

AI Safety Holdings is dedicated to our investors and the people who are going to be impacted by our investments and acquisitions. It is about protecting and improving millions if not billions of lives. If you want to be a part of this incredible Private Equity Fund, we welcome you to join us! Help us to create a better world for all people!

Who We Are

"How it all began - A few years ago my grandma lost her battle with cancer, this traumatic experience showed me firsthand the many problems that the healthcare industry is struggling with. Starting with a global shortage and burnout of healthcare professionals, help for people in need becomes hard to get. Due to this shortage and burnout, patients can be misdiagnosed or experience delays in getting the treatment they need. To solve the most important problems in healthcare, I decided to create a Private Equity Fund, which is on a mission to protect and improve people’s lives through Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security."

Ewelina Wołoszyn - CEO, GP Managing Partner and Founder

AI Safty Holdings

Having an Impact

The goal for investments the team at AI Safety Holdings looks for is to have an impact on people in healthcare, from patients to healthcare professionals. We achieve this goal by carefully identifying the problem and look for investment opportunities that have the best chance of improving the healthcare system. We identify the best companies based on leadership, technology and finances to be a part of our portfolio. We care about you, your loved ones and future generations.

Having and Impact

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